Translated from dutch: If you are looking for a broker or negotiator, someone to help you with communication or someone to fight the French energy suppliers for you, there is only one name to remember: Kim Bain - ter Heege. During the rather difficult purchase process, which was supervised excellently by Joost Kubbe, Kim made a great effort to ensure that we would not be left in the dark after the purchase.

14/11/21 Translated from dutch: Mrs. Kim Bain-Ter Heege gives her client but also the other party confidence through her approach. We have experienced her as customer-friendly, fair and honest. She is solution-oriented and helpful. She approaches people in a pleasant manner with empathy. Conflicts are prevented by her input or are solved in a pleasant way. She is also punctual. She knows her stuff and if she doesn't know something she looks it up and comes back with a good answer. We have been left with the feeling that if Kim takes care of this matter, it will definitely be taken care of. Even though she was not our estate agent, we had a very pleasant working relationship.So if we need an estate agent in Morvan, we don't have to think twice: for sure Kim will be our choice.

11/11/21 Translated from dutch: Last summer we bought a house in Arleuf and were very well supported by Kim Bain. Kim helped us very well and no question was too much, always enthusiastic and friendly. All matters that come with buying a house were handled neatly and on time by Kim. Thanks again!

Translated from dutch: We have recently completed the sale of our house in Les Blandins. Kim BAIN - TER HEEGE has supported us throughout the process. Once again she has far exceeded our expectations. There is a lot involved in buying or selling a house in France. Kim has all the knowledge needed to go through the whole process and takes a lot of work off your hands. The communication during the entire process is functional, but also very personal. With a remote sale that is particularly pleasant. Regards, Wouter & Ilse.

 Translated from dutch: We would like to thank you for your help and thoughtful guidance during the purchase process. Your quick and tireless answers to all our questions. Katinka & Gijs.

Translated from dutch: In November 2020, a long-cherished wish came true for us. Because of Corona, our options during our annual summer holiday in France in 2020 were limited. Therefore, we had chosen a different way of spending our holiday. Beforehand, we spent evenings with great pleasure looking at various houses on the Internet and compiled a top 10. Subsequently, we made appointments with estate agents and that is how we came into contact with Jan and his wife Wilma. Jan is a very relaxed and pleasant personality, giving valuable and honest advice in all tranquillity. Ultimately, he guided the purchase of the house from beginning to end. It should be noted that Jan is also open to questions after the purchase. Jan is very experienced in his profession and he was able to remove for us all the doubts that the purchase of a house in France entails. We are now the proud owners of a house in France and we are grateful to Jan & his wife Wilma for all their advice and friendliness. We can certainly recommend Jan. Evelien & Wim

Translated from french: Thank you Marianne, you accompanied me in the sale and purchase of a villa and three flats! What patience it took for you to put up with my anxieties! You assisted me with all your professionalism and kindness in all these sometimes difficult steps with your good humour. I think I'm going to stop now and that this will be my last change. Thank you again and believe in my friendship. Marie-Laure L-S.

I just wanted to say that Anita had been really wonderful to us and she made our dream come true. She’s a very beautiful and human person, thank you for everything, we will be very happy. Leilanour J.

05/10/21 Translated from dutch: Here by a message from 2 very happy owners of a house in Crux-La-Ville. We had contacted Leidy Franken by e-mail about another house which we visited together with her. After explaining how our "dream house" should look like, Leidy quickly came up with an alternative which we were fortunate to be able to view in Corona time. Within 5 minutes it was a hit: Le coup de Foudre! (Love at first sight). Leidy has helped us very much with the whole buying process! We are very grateful to her! Greetings Darren and Wendy W.

04/10/21 Translated from dutch: We visited a house with the estate agent and because of the support the agent offered, we did not start looking with other providers. Our search and the final purchase of a holiday home in France was a pleasant experience for us. The administrative handling of the purchase as well as the take-over of electricity and water was arranged for us. With kind regards, Nathalie.

17/09/21 Translated from french: We sold our house in Creuse on 16 July 2021. The positive commercial, professional and human approach from the first contact with the estate agent, Mr Jan Kuik, was flawless right up to the handing over of the keys to the buyer. We can only recommend this agency and particularly Mr Kuik. His availability and responsiveness should be an example for the profession. Many thanks, Christian and Martine V.

15/09/21 Just a quick note on buying our house with Cathe. She was very helpful at all stages of the process, which in our case took around 12 months due to COVID. She answered questions beyond her direct responsibility and investigated and came back to us. It was a good experience overall.

15/09/21 Translated from dutch: We would like to express our satisfaction with the excellent help and support of Mr Jan Kuik in selling our house in the Auvergne region. He was always there for us and for those who were interested. Thanks again! Arnold and Elly.

Hi, This email is to inform you of how pleased we were with your agent Anita de Bresser. We purchased our house in France without first seeing it, only via a video that Anita provided and extra photographs. At every stage of the proceedings Anita was very helpful, professional and understanding. We feel that she went above and beyond her role in helping us understand the complexities of French law and was always willing to translate anything we required, often in her own time after work. You should be proud that Anita works for your company and I hope you inform her of our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to her in the purchasing of our house. Kind regards, Philip A.

Translated from dutch: I highly recommend real estate agent Jan Kuik : professional, amicable and diligent. H.T., B

13/09/21  Bonjour, We recently bought a small house in Millac through your agent Cathe Bower. The whole process was handled very well by Cathe. Cathe was responsive to our demands (and tolerant of my moans) and all the time with good humour. We would certainly recommend her to others looking to buy or sell a property. In all, a stressful process was made at lot easier thanks to Cathe. Cordialement, Colin F.

30/08/21 Translated from german: Dear Mrs Kubbe, we found our dream house in Mont-et-Marre with the help of Leidy Franken. Mrs Franken was always open to our questions during the entire purchase process and explained everything to us patiently and always in a friendly manner. We were very happy to have Leidy as our advisor on our side. Yours sincerely, Christiane and Karl.

Cathe successfully matched us with a buyer and worked hard to secure a sale. All went smoothly, professionally and in a timely manner and I am satisfied. Thanks, Andy.

29/08/21 My wife and I began our search for a château in France over a year ago. Living in the U.S. and not speaking French, made this a challenging venture for us. It was very difficult and frustrating finding an agent who was willing to help us. During our quest, we were blessed to cross paths with Mr. Joost KUBBE. Fortunate for us, Joost's resume included speaking/writing both English and French as well as other languages, so we no longer had to deal with the communication barrier. He also replied back to our e-mails extremely quickly with answers to all of our questions, which was not what we experienced with other agents. Joost also found time in his busy schedule to converse with us on the phone. It was always pleasant to speak with him and he made us feel comfortable and that our mission was important to him. During our quest, Joost visited several possible properties for us and gave a professional analysis of each one. We eventually found and purchased the perfect property for us (unseen, because of covid, we visited it just before the end of the 10 days retraction period, it was really perfect, and signed the final deed 2 weeks later). This would not have been possible without Joost. Even after the purchase, he went above and beyond the call of duty to help us with all the issues associated with living in France. We highly recommend Joost to anyone looking for property in France. He is extremely professional and knowledgeable about all aspects involving purchasing a property in France." Merci beaucoup ! Patrick.

28/08/21 To whom it may concern, we have already sent an email thanking Cathe for having sold our cottage after three long years and thanking her for her patience and her kind help in various situation that she had to handle on our behalf as we live in the UK. Kind regards Mrs &Mr O.

28/08/21: What great service I received from Cathe during the sale of my house I was kept up to date at every step of the selling experience, 100% effort. Thanks Cathe, David C.

26/08/21 Translated from german: Hello, we were very satisfied about the service when we bought and sold. Best regards, Barabara and Ulrich T.

Translated from french: I would especially like to thank Leidy Franken for her unfailing cooperation in the purchase of our house. All steps went perfectly, in perfect coordination and full understanding. Do not hesitate to call on Leidy Franken for your real estate transactions ! Jean-Pascal P.

25/08/21 Translated from french: Hello, We would like to thank Mrs Cathe Bower for her kindness, her attentiveness and her availability. Indeed, she is one of the few people who really took the time to listen to us in order to understand our project. It is with great pleasure that we will call on her again. Yours sincerely, Isabelle R.

23/08/21 Hi, I have found Cathe very helpful. And I would like to use her again Geoffrey W.

23/08/21: Marianne, We are pleased to say that Cathe made us very happy. We have just recently completed on the second house we have sold in France with Cathe’s help, and would recommend anyone to use her either as buyer or seller. The service she provides far exceeds anything that we would expect from an estate agent in the UK. The fact that we chose her again to sell our second property is witness to the fact that we were very pleased with her service in selling our first property, both holiday homes. Kind regards Pat & Jack B.

23/08/21 Translated from dutch: Hello, I’d like tot let you know that we have been perfectly advised by Cathe Bower. She is Professional and very kind. Unfortunately the houses we have visited didn’t match with what we were looking for, but we would have loved to buy a house with Cathe. Best regards Sacha P and Roelof V.

23/08/21 Translated from dutch: Hello, on August 12th we visited a house in Chatain France with Cathe. Everything went well, a very pleasant lady who gives good explanations during the viewing and after by mail. She certainly is a good seller for your company. Greetings from Marleen and Jean-Pierre from belgium.

22/08/2021: Translated from dutch: Dear Joost, we know each other since at least 20 years, so you won’t hear any bad word from us. Together we have, first with the purchase and now with the sale, done it perfectly! We are happy to hear the market is very good, all the best! Bon courage, Jan & Linda.

21/08/21 Translated from french: Dear Mr Kubbe, thank you so much for your precious and necessary help with the purchase of my house. Your patience and professionalism have solved a lot of difficulties in the last days. Best regards, Frederic.

Translated from dutch: Good help with addresses for renovation and fine assistance with French translation, very helpful, thanks!

21/08/21 Translated from french: I give Cathe B 10/10 for her professionalism, her understanding during the negotiations and especially her kindness coming from Yorkshire!

21/08/21 Translated from french: I would like to thank Mr Kubbe for being honest about the agency fees. Everything is back to normal, thank you very much!

26/07/21 Translated from dutch: Recently (May 2021) our house in the Yonne (Bourgogne) was sold by Joost Kubbe from Immoboulevard. The whole process from offering for sale to the completion was full of unexpected snags and catches, raised by the French authorities. Joost Kubbe is in all respects a calm, reliable and alert estate agent, who is thoroughly familiar with the obstacles that were impenetrable for us and who has also taken almost everything off our hands. An absolute must! Pieter and Wieke.

06/07/21 Translated from dutch: Recently, we became the proud owners of our dream home in France. During the purchase process we were guided in a professional way by Anita De Bresser. Everything was arranged down to the last detail. Can you thank her on our behalf for all the work done?

07-07-21 Translated from french. Marianne and Herman were perfect and comforting. And this doesn’t happen very often in this profession.

06-07-21 Translated from French. When we sold our house we had a lot of help from the agency. We don't know much about the regulations for selling a property in France and we asked Marianne to take care of it and sort it out for us. She did this in a very professional manner and always answered our questions efficiently. We are very satisfied with the services of this agency.

05-07-21 Translated from Dutch. Profesionnal advice and the house was well marketed via the internet but also a television programme in England. The house was sold quickly. Settlement took a bit longer but that is a consequence of the French circumstances. We will certainly recommend this agency and especially Anita de Bresser asap.

18-06-21 Translated from French. From the first phone conversation we had a very good impression and confidence in Leidy. It is not easy to buy a house from a distance and Leidy was able to reassure us and take all the stress out of the purchase by answering all our questions. She is very professional.

18-06-21 Translated from French. We were accompanied by Anita de Bresser in our purchase, she was able to answer all our questions and queries from the beginning to the signing. Always present and available.

16-06-20 Translated from French. Very good follow-up of the file throughout the sale and very efficient.

16-06-20 Anita has been excellent with all processes with the purchase of the house. And nothing has been too much trouble to do. Anita is an invaluable asset to your agency.

Translated from French. For us it was a pleasant surprise that the additional issues were all sorted out. Contacts with the contractor for the sewerage, electricity and water transfer. This is very rare and I give it a 10/10.

Efficient, friendly, professional service. Agent was always punctual for appointments, would highly recommend.

Excellent service, very thorough, wonderful service!

Translated from French. Kim knows her job very well. She answers the questions and helps finding a solution.

Translated from French. I’m very satisfied with this agency and Anita who leaded me perfectly with the purchase of my house.

Translated form French. Cathe was very reactive and honest. She was an excellent mediator between sellers and buyers.

Translated from french "Hello Mr Kubbe, I wanted to contact you about my property purchase in December last year. Your agent Cathe Bower was outstanding, she kept in touch and suggested properties, she was really interested in matching me with the right house.Cathe ensured that my purchase went smoothly, without any problems and all in 26 days, from viewing to signing and paying for the house - I think that is a record in France? Could you please pass on my sincere thanks to Cathe, she really made my dream of living in this beautiful country come true and I am very grateful. With my best wishes. Rachel H. "

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